Rodman NEWS

In Rodman News you will find all the new Rodman models and new launches.

New Version Rodman 890 VENTURA: quality, prestige, innovation and excellent navigation. The incorporation of new design elements, such as large windows in the hull of the boat, give this new version a new line and renewed character.

New Rodman 1090 Evolution, the beginning of the total renovation of the most traditional and genuine range of the brand: the Rodman fishing-passenger boat range.

This new model perfectly combines the shipyard's know-how, experience and quality of construction with the most up-to-date design and decoration.

The new Rodman 1290 Evolution represents the total renovation of one of the most emblematic models in our history, the Rodman 1250.

It represents the perfect balance between past and present, being completely renewed, maintaining the key attributes with the most up to date aspects in terms of design and functionality.

New Rodman 33 OFFSHORE: the perfect balance between experience, know-how and innovation. A new concept of boat, which inherits all the differential attributes of all Rodman boats: robustness, navigation, quality of construction, with the functionality and high performance that this type of boat requires.

The new Rodman 33 Offshore is a balanced and complete boat, capable of sailing at over 45 knots with the safety and comfort that all Rodman boats provide.